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Home Furnishings & Décor

Yorkville Design Centre

Established in 1972, Yorkville Design Centre has been an interior design studio and an exclusive Downsview Kitchen retailer for over thirty-five years.

With interior design ingenuity and architectural integrity focused on attention to detail, the team of Yorkville Design Centre derives its ideas, style and taste from a broad range of sources. We are experienced, expert and exacting.

Just as skilled chefs combine quality ingredients to create the sublime, the team members at Yorkville Design Centre – trained in architecture and interior design collaborate to create uncommonly good design and space planning solutions. Topped off with on-going personal attention – our clients truly benefit from our fusion of professional experience.



Home Furnishings & Decor

  • Canaroma
  • Downsview Kitchens
  • Moscone Marble & Tile
  • Palazetti
  • Terra Legno
  • Tusch Seating